Wednesday, Dec 16, 2015

PVA Donating $500K Worth of XYZ Robots to Capital District Schools Promoting STEM Education

PVA is donating over $500K worth of XYZ robots to local institutions for furthering STEM education.  As a local manufacturer, PVA relies on the talent of Capital Region individuals in the areas of science, technology engineering, programming and mathematics.  By sharing their technology, PVA is preparing young men and women for careers in high-tech industries. 

Thirteen institutions throughout the Capital Region that are committed to advancing STEM education for their students have been contacted and will begin taking delivery of their robots in January.  The list of recipients span from local high schools such as Shaker, to four year institutions such as Union College.

STEM skills prove vital to an employment base that caters to high-tech companies in New York that compete globally.  "We hope our technology can be used by each institution to augment their current science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or robotic programs to teach skills relevant in electrical assembly, mechanical and electrical engineering, technical repair, computer programming and application development fields," says Tony Hynes, President of PVA.

"I have spoken to numerous school leaders during the last week and none of them have seen anything like the partnership we are offering.  To say the response has been overwhelming would not be an understatement," says Frank Hart, Sales and Marketing Manager.

Selected institutions are asked to commit to providing opportunities to bring PVA's robotics to their students.  In turn, PVA is committing free training to interested staff and students.  Further, PVA will offer mentoring opportunities to interested students to help them pursue careers at high-tech companies such as PVA.


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