Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014

Improvements at PVA Streamline Manufacturing

PVA has recently made several upgrades in its New York headquarters to improve and streamline the process of imagemanufacturing PVA systems. These enhancements, which deliver improved product quality and decrease manufacturing time, include adding new machines to their portfolio of manufacturing tools and relocating functions to improve workflow.

Two of the most significant additions include TRUMPF TruLaser and TruBend equipment, which produce a higher quality product and allow total quality control. The equipment provides speed, flexibility and accuracy in the manufacturing of PVA's work cells. Parts ranging from small brackets to system side panels are efficiently produced and quality checked in-house, reducing cost per part as well as material waste.

Powder coating capabilities have also been added at PVA decreasing turn around time by four days by not sending it imageout of house. Bringing powder coating in house has also given PVA the flexibility to work with customers on custom requests. Other efficiencies at PVA include relocation of departments to streamline the manufacturing flow. Manufacturing activity now logically moves from one functional area to the next, increasing communication between groups, improving process throughput and reducing logistics management.

"With the efficiencies derived from vertical integration, not only are we able to produce a superior product with a faster turn around time," said Tony Hynes, President of PVA, "we are able to remain competitive globally while keeping manufacturing here in New York State."

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