Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016

PVA Has Announced the Release of the HMX Hot Melt Jet

PVA has announced the release of the HMX Hot Melt Jet, specifically designed for high temperature operation.

The HMX Hot Melt Jet is a system that provides jetting applications under high temperature operation.  Dual independent temperature controllers for the jet and the melter allow the nozzle to be heated to optimum jetting temperatures.  The nozzle and syringe heaters provide jetting temperatures up to 150°C.  The HMX can reach speeds up to 200 Hz continuously, and has successfully jetted lines <0.5mm (0.019") wide.  Jon Urquhart, Director of Applications Engineering at PVA states, "The HMX has enabled PVA to develop hot melt applications used in medical, automotive and mobile electronics that would not be possible using simple needle dispensing applications."

The HMX has advanced features, including a high-temperature diaphragm with tungsten carbide tip and disposable feed tube for easy cleaning and quick syringe exchange.  Precision air regulators and gauges allow for the fine tuning of jetting parameters.  The HMX can operate using its standalone controller or fully integrated into an automated dispensing system.



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