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RD200 Benchtop Rotary Dispense System

Rotary Dispensing System


Benchtop Rotary Dispense System

The RD200 is a programmable rotary table that is ideal for dispensing circular or angled patterns.

RD200 Benchtop Rotary Dispense System Spec Sheet

This dispense system uses two stepper motors on the base to rotate two parts simultaneously as the dispense head imageabove accurately applies a bead of fluid. Flexibility and adjustment of the dispense head, rotation angle, and programmable control interface allow this simple dispense system to apply seamless beads of adhesives and sealants.

The RD200 has many integrated features including:

  • Lightweight tabletop design that favors portability
  • Front panel LCD controller with function keys
  • Fully programmable revolution speed and degree of revolution
  • Integrated controls to operate syringes, cartridges, or valves
  • Dispense valves can be fed from any reservoirs
  • Adjustable z-axis with tilt
  • Pneumatic z-slide travel of 50mm (2")
  • Push button or foot pedal activation
  • Dual table design can produce two parts at a time
  • Rotary table and valves are activated simultaneously


110-220 VAC 50 – 60 Hz

Air Supply
80psi dry, unlubricated air at < 10 CFM

605 mm x 283 mm (23.81" x 11.13")

Maximum Part Diameter
241 mm (9.5")

Maximum Bead Diameter
241 mm (9.5")

Maximum Part Height
127 mm (5")

Payload Capacity
2.28 kg (5 lbs)

0.04 mm (0.0016")

0.02mm (0.0008")

Stepper motor drive

Maximum Revolution Speed
60 RPM

Degree of Revolution
Programmable 1º – 1080º