Valve Controllers

Digital, programmable benchtop controllers for valves and syringes offer precision, control and help minimize waste and clean up associated with manual fluid dispensing applications.

ST100 Digital Valve Controller
ST100  Digital Valve Controller
The ST100 is ideal for chemistries such as adhesives, coatings, epoxies, and silicones and features an internal 2-position, 4-way solenoid valve to operate PVA dispense or spray valves.
ST100S Digital Syringe Dispensing Controller
ST100S  Digital Syringe Dispensing Controller
The ST100S is a digital shot timer used for syringe dispensing and is ideal for chemistries packaged in syringes such as solder paste, UV adhesives, and masking material.
SVC100 SV200 Servo Valve Controller
SVC100  SV200 Servo Valve Controller
This highly functional control system permits programming of the motor speed to the dispense valve, air pressure to the pre-packaged syringe, and a variable auger reverse time for clean cycle stops.
RD100 Rotary Dispensing System
RD100  Rotary Dispensing System
The RD100 is a programmable rotary table that is ideal for dispensing circular or angled patterns.