• CNC Maschinist

    Aufgabenbeschreibung: Fertigen Sie Präzisionsteile aus Metall, Kunststoff usw. mit Werkzeugmaschinen wie Drehmaschinen, Fräsmaschinen, Bohrmaschinen usw. Verwenden Sie Präzisionsmesswerkzeuge und verschiedene Handwerkzeuge. Verantwortlich für die Durchführung von Prüfungen des 1. Teils an bearbeiteten Teilen.


    • Wählen Sie die geeigneten Werkzeuge, Maschinen und Materialien für die Vorbereitung der Maschinenarbeit aus.
    • Überprüfen Sie die Werkstücke, um sicherzustellen, dass sie ordnungsgemäß geschmiert und gekühlt sind.
    • Pflege von Industriemaschinen, Anwendung von Kenntnissen in Mechanik, Werkstattmathematik, Metalleigenschaften, Layout und Bearbeitungsverfahren.
    • Ausrichten und Sichern von Haltevorrichtungen, Schneidwerkzeugen, Anbauteilen, Zubehör oder Materialien an Maschinen.
    • Wenden Sie sich an Programmierer, um zu überprüfen und sicherzustellen, dass neue Programme oder Maschinen ordnungsgemäß funktionieren und dass die Ausgabe den Spezifikationen entspricht.
    • Führen Sie andere Aufgaben aus, die von Teamleitern und Managern zugewiesen werden.
    • Berechnen Sie Abmessungen oder Toleranzen mit Instrumenten wie Mikrometern oder Messschiebern.
    • Messen, prüfen oder testen Sie fertige Einheiten, um auf Defekte zu prüfen und die Einhaltung der Spezifikationen sicherzustellen, indem Sie Präzisionsinstrumente wie Mikrometer verwenden.
    • Überwachen Sie den Vorschub und die Geschwindigkeit von Maschinen während des Bearbeitungsprozesses.
    • Funktionsstörungen der Maschine feststellen, um festzustellen, ob Anpassungen oder Reparaturen erforderlich sind.
    • Pflegen Sie einen sauberen und ordentlichen Arbeitsbereich.

    Job Location: PVA Global Headquarters | Cohoes, NY USA

  • Systems Programmer

    Job Description: The Systems Programmer is responsible for writing code that operates and enables a variety of robotics and automation tasks.

    Job Duties:

    Programs and sets up machines.

    Ensures programming is complete and created according to specifications based on instructions and job tracker.

    Reads and interprets mechanical schematics to ensure accuracy.

    Utilizes software to communicate issues during build.

    Interacts with customers in value stream as needed.

    Skills Required:

    Familiarity with multiple programming languages and willingness to learn new ones.

    Strong computer skills.

    Customer centric, committed to supporting the internal and external customer.

    Strong verbal communication and listening skills.

    Self-starter who works independently and in a team environment.

    Thrives in a fast-paced environment.

    Maintains a calm, tactful demeanor when dealing with difficult situations.

    Manages multiple projects and timelines with a sense of urgency and follow through.

    Well organized, analytical, and detail oriented.

    Comfortable working in a structured environment, follows direction with focused attention.

    Associate's Degree in Computer Science, required (Bachelor's preferred).

    Job Location: PVA Global Headquarters | Cohoes, NY USA

  • Manufacturing Team Member

    The Manufacturing Team Member is responsible for manufacturing the systems and products sold by PVA. This position ensures that product is assembled correctly and shipped on time.

    Job Duties:

    - Reads and interprets electrical and mechanical schematics to assemble components

    - Uses a volt meter and hand tools

    - Cable assembly and cable integration into motion platform

    - Ensures department meets weekly average shipment targets

    - Ensures that goals and expectations are met, and product is being developed on schedule

    - Ensures equipment is in optimum working order and brings issues to supervisors’ attention within one hour when aware of machine interruption

    - Maintains confidentiality of customer information 100% of the time

    - Forms strong working relationships within team and treats each other with respect

    - Corresponds with departments, and team through face-to-face meetings

    Skills Required:

    - Basic knowledge and ability to use hand tools

    - Understanding of electrical and mechanical concepts

    - Strong verbal communication and listening skills; ensures that information is passed on to others who should be kept informed

    - Self-starter who works independently and in a team environment

    - Thrives in a fast-paced environment

    - Exhibits sound judgement; anticipates the implications and consequences of situations and takes appropriate action to be prepared for possible contingencies

    - Maintains a calm, tactful demeanor when dealing with difficult situations

    - Manages multiple projects and timelines with a sense of urgency and follow through

    - Well organized, analytical, and detail oriented

    - Follows direction with focused attention

    - Exhibits initiative

    - Willing to learn

    Job Location: PVA Global Headquarters | Cohoes, NY USA

  • Global Network Operations Manager

    The Network Operations Manager ensures all physical and virtual systems are optimized for business performance with little to zero downtime. The Network Operations Manager oversees user support for PVA infrastructure design, development, and maintenance network security.

    Job Responsibilities:

    Installs, monitors, and supports hardware, software and virtual server environments.

    Provides Active Directory configuration, maintenance, and administration.

    Designs and deploys company Group Policy Objects.

    Provides Microsoft Exchange 365 email configuration, maintenance, and administration.

    Provides tier three technical support and guidance for backend use.

    Sets up, configures, and supports internal and/or external networks.

    Recommends and installs upgrades, patches, and hotfixes.

    Collaborates to oversee and implement ERP system enhancements to achieve maximum integration, coordination, and information flow between departments, as needed.

    Revises disaster recovery plans, as needed.

    Establishes systems and policies to comply with PCI standards, data security, and management policies to comply with GDPR standards.

    Oversees Mobile Device Management system implementation and development.

    Develops, implements, and maintains policies, procedures, and associated IT plans.

    Oversees the implementation of disaster recovery, back-up procedures, and physical and information security to ensure company assets are preserved.


    Self-starter who works independently and in a fast-paced team environment.

    Well organized, analytical, and detail oriented.

    Minimum four (4)+ years of network, VM Ware virtualization technologies, Windows Server, Active Directory, Office 365 Administration required.

    Understands the WAN/LAN and OSI model; able to troubleshoot and configure IPV4 Networks.

    SQL, PowerShell, ITIL, and lean technology concepts, preferred.

    ERP technology certification experience and CCNA, preferred.

    Prior experience negotiating technology contracts with various third-party vendors, required.

    Bachelor’s degree in IT, preferred.

    Minimum of three years of supervisory/management experience, required.

    Minimum of two+ years of demonstrated project management experience, required.

    Job Location: PVA Global Headquarters | Cohoes, NY