• Electronics

    PVA is a recognized leader in engineered dispensing solutions for printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). The combination of precise material deposits, closed-loop motion, and tight process control supported by a global service network makes PVA an ideal partner for high quality, high performance dispensing and coating systems. Common applications PVA satisfies in the electronics assembly market include: Selective conformal coating of circuit boards, thermal interface materials to dissipate heat, solder paste and filled epoxies, potting of electronics for harsh environments, jetting underfill of BGA components to provide structural integrity, chip bonding with surface mount adhesives

  • Aerospace

    PVA works closely with manufacturers to optimize their process for products servicing the aerospace industry. These high reliability applications are ideal for PVA’s precision dispensing equipment and intuitive process controls. Common applications PVA accommodates in the aerospace industry include: Masking turbine engines, selective coating circuit board assemblies, optical bonding cockpit display panels, sealing composite panels, potting electronics, and gluing enclosures.

  • Automotive

    Automotive manufacturers partner with PVA for their most demanding fluid dispensing solutions. PVA’s precise dispensing systems bring greater accuracy, quality, and consistency to this high volume market. The demand for creative engineered solutions to meet stringent production demands are an ideal fit for PVA’s flexible platforms. Common applications PVA accommodates in the automotive industry include: Selective coating circuit board assemblies, applying thermal interface materials to dissipate heat, optical bonding infotainment displays, potting electronics to protect from moisture, sensor assembly, dispensing form in place gaskets, and processing multi-component foams.

  • Medical devices

    Medical device manufacturers rely on PVA to engineer flexible automation solutions for their unique manufacturing requirements. The wide spectrum of design considerations in the medical device market are ideal for PVA’s flexible part handling options, patented head articulation, and precise volumetric control. Common applications PVA satisfies for medical device manufacturers include: Stent coating, valve and catheter assembly, hearing aids, jetting adhesive into device housings, spray masking artificial hips, underfill electronic assemblies, and UV bonding cannulas.

  • Military / Defense

    The high mix-low volume projects prevalent in the defense industry are ideal for PVA’s flexible production solutions. PVA’s patented articulated motion and engineered designs bring an innovative approach to complicated products. Common applications PVA accommodates in the defense industry include: Selective coating circuit board assemblies, potting electronics to protect from moisture, gluing control panels and enclosures, sealing wire harness assemblies, and adhering military munitions.

  • Renewable energy

    PVA accommodates a myriad of applications critical to the manufacturing of alternative energy products. A wide range of material processing options and PVA’s ability to customize automated solutions make accommodating large or odd-shaped assemblies easy to implement. Common applications PVA engineers in the alternative energy market include: Thermal interface materials to dissipate heat through the assembly, thin film cell coating, RTV dispensing of frame assemblies, and potting junction boxes.