FX800 Fume Filtration System

FX800 Fume Filtration System

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The FX800 Fume Filtration System protects employees and the environment by extracting and filtering harmful vapors from your PVA coating/dispensing system.


The budget friendly, steel unit requires a low capital investment (compared to venting to the outside) and running costs.

The system is easily installed in minutes, simply plug and play. And, by filtering the vapors, you eliminate the need for expensive ducting, contractors and drilling holes in walls or roofs

Filtration is kept constant with “Flow Control”* that automatically increases the speed of the motor as the filter blocks, ensuring fumes are captured effectively throughout the life of the filter. 

The FX800 has many integrated features including:

  • Plug and play, easily installs in minutes
  • Quite operation
  • Clear and informative graphic display
  • Adjustable airflow (speed control)
  • Gas and particle sensors on the exhaust
  • Quick change, pre-filter for longer filter life
  • Dual high performance, continuous run, brushless motors for efficient, quiet operation
  • Eliminates need for expensive ducting, contractors and the need to drill holes in walls or roofs
  • Minimizes downtime when relocating system, does not require moving of ducting
  • Mounted on castors for mobility and easy relocation
  • Long lasting, galvanized steel filters
  • Machine Interface Option* available

Digital Control System

The FX800 features a dedicated control, monitoring and display system. All functions are fully automatic; all you have to do is set the appropriate airflow on installation.

“Flow Control” function automatically increases the speed of the motor as the filter blocks to keep extraction constant and ensure fumes are captured effectively throughout the life of the filter.

You set the required airflow (speed control) for the process. The motor will automatically speed up or slow down until the “Actual” airflow equals the “Required” airflow.

Because the motor does not have to constantly run at 100%, this system is energy efficient, runs quieter and the filters last longer.

The Digital Control System is designed to:

  • Lower energy consumption by using variable speed motors and automatic flow control
  • Increase filter life by using the optimal extraction rate
  • Further protect people by constantly monitoring exhaust emissions
  • Interface with other equipment
  • Maintain a constant extraction rate to prevent fume escape or damage to equipment

Machine Interfacing Option

Adding the Machine Interfacing Option allows the FX800 to communicate with associated coating / dispensing systems. Benefits of this addition include:

  • Start/Stop Control: Extraction unit starts/stops when the connected piece of equipment is switched ON/OFF.
  • Filter Blocked Warning: A signal is sent to a connected piece of equipment to trigger an alert or to shut it down.
  • Remote ON/OFF Switch: 5M cable & switch