Manual Dispensing

Easy to use Metering Valve with Controller System provides flexibility in manual dispensing.


The MV200-1LT-1-S is a turnkey manual dispensing system that employs true positive displacement technology to accurately apply small dots of fluid. With an all stainless steel and Teflon construction this system can be used to handle a wide variety of fluid chemistries.

This configuration consists of a pressure tank assembly that will allow an operator to load a larger bottle inside to eliminate pouring.  
The MV200 is a positive displacement metering valve with a dual acting air cylinder and an integral check valve design for immediate refill and dispense. A stroke adjustment in the air cylinder is used as the mechanical adjustment to define the dispense volume.

The stand in which the valve is mounted, has a gooseneck arm extending from a weighted base in order to articulate the dispense tip in a variety of different positions. Controlling this dispense system is accomplished with the ST100 shot timer which comes standard with a foot pedal to trigger the refill and dispense action of the metered volume of fluid.

With this sealed system, no air, moisture, or light is allowed to contact the fluid so flushing is not necessary. At the end of the day, cleanup is as simple as removing the dispense nozzle, replacing it with a cap and turning off the pressurized air.

Features and Benefits

  • True positive displacement dispense
  • Hands free operation with the valve mounted to a stand
  • Foot pedal activation, standard
  • Bottles placed inside tank to eliminate pouring and introduction of air
  • All Stainless Steel & Teflon wetted components for fluid compatibility
  • Luer lock adapter on end of valve
  • Easy cleanup and shut down


  • Dispensing a small dot of UV adhesive to bond a canula to a  plastic hub of a medical device
  • Applying small dots of UV adhesive to a plastic housing to bond a glass lens over top
  • Filling small wells in a tray with a sanitary solution
  • Dispensing a tiny dot of lubricant to a cannula before a protective rubber cover can be assembled over the top