Meter Mix / Valves

The VPX-2KS Dual Component Spray Valve is a progressive cavity metering valve capable of accurately spraying 2K chemistries in a clean, flexible atomized process.


Each component is metered via a servo controlled rotor that seals a rubberized stator to produce a continuous flow of material.  Tight tolerance on the sealing mechanism assures pulse-free and drip-free operation, even with low viscosity fluids.  As each component is metered in separate chambers, no routine flushing or purging is necessary as the chemistry will not crystallize in the fluid body.

The A and B components are introduced via a disposable static mixer in the air cap to produce a fine conical shaped pattern.

The VPX has many integrated features including:

  • High precision +/-2% (material dependent)
  • Servo Controlled
  • Programmable 1:1 - 10:1 ratio
  • Works with filled or unfilled fluids
  • Will not damage or alter filler properties
  • Syringe, cartridge or remote reservoir feed
  • Easy disassembly and cleaning
  • Ability to process short pot life mixtures
  • Integrated pressure monitoring at the pump outlet