Conformal Coating Inspection Option

Conformal Coating Inspection Option

Selective Conformal Coating / Options & Accessories

Automated in-cell conformal coating inspection.


PVA's new Conformal Coating Inspection Option enables you to perform selective conformal coating and automated optical inspection of a coated circuit board within the same work cell.

This addition provides spot UV inspection capability to check for coated and uncoated areas to help maintain process quality.

The camera is used to confirm coating presence or absence in critical areas. Example inspect locations:  top of ICs, plated through holes, ground planes, test points.

For flexibility, locations are fully programmable and a high power UV ring light is included for coating illumination.

This option is for use with coatings that fluoresce under UV black light.

Features and benefits include:

  • 640 x 480 resolution
  • ½” (12.5mm) field of view
  • Integrated into coating cell
  • Confirm coating presence or absence in critical areas
  • Can inspect every cycle or periodically
  • Same camera can also be used for path programming

The Coating Inspection Option is available for all PVA selective coating platforms.