Manual Dispensing

Spray and dispense from one reservoir with PVA's handheld coating system.


The MCCS-SYS-1 is a turnkey manual conformal coating system that utilizes a spray valve and dispense valve to selectively apply coatings to a circuit board. With an all stainless steel and Teflon construction this system can be used to hand le a wide variety of fluid chemistries.

This configuration starts with a stainless steel pressure reservoir that uses a flip top opening to allow an operator to easily pour up to 1-gallon of fluid inside. A two port manifold on the outlet of this tank will feed both valve heads.

The FCS100-F is a front closing spray valve and the FC100 is a front closing dispense valve. Both have a dual acting air cylinder to provide immediate start and stop of fluid flow, while a stroke adjustment can be used to fine tune the fluid flow rate. For the spray valve, a precision air regulator and gauge assembly is provided to simultaneously activate atomizing air only when the valve is opened and fluid is flowing.

Mounting these valves to PV101 trigger handles makes them more ergonomic and easy for an operator to articulate and manipulate the dispense and spray patterns. By using the pneumatic handles, no electronic controls are required to activate the dispense and spray leaving the on time entirely up to the operator. 

With this sealed system, no air, moisture, or light is allowed to contact the fluid so flushing is not necessary. Cleanup is as simple as removing the dispense nozzle, replacing it with a cap and turning off the pressurized air as there is no exposed fluid inside the spray valve after it is closed.

Features and Benefits

  • One spray valve to apply coating to large areas
  • One dispense valve to apply coating close to keep out areas
  • Trigger finger activation for ease of control
  • Single large tank to hold up to 1-gallon of fluid
  • Stainless Steel & Teflon wetted components for fluid compatibility
  • Pneumatically operated system
  • Easy cleanup and shut down


  • Apply a UV curable conformal coating to an entire circuit board
  • Apply a silicone conformal coating to an entire circuit board
  • Selectively apply a peel-able masking to areas of a circuit board